What to Make of Your Failure Rates at Sex Free Sites

I wish I could tell you that life is just a slam dunk. I wish I could tell you that it’s a simple matter of going from point A to point B. I wish I could tell you that life is just all about lollipops, unicorns, and getting head every once in a while. But life isn’t like that unless you use https://www.freesexmeet.com/ to get some head on the daily of course.

For most people, it’s a struggle. For most people, it involves constant overcoming. What’s interesting is that what we’re overcoming is not actually presented by other people or situations and circumstances beyond our control. Not a chance. Most of that shit is coming from within.

That’s right, if you want to be serious, and if you really want to overcome whatever bothers you, you have to overcome yourself. Your greatest obstacle to success, sexual freedom, sexual attainment, spiritual mastery, and whatever lofty goals you have for yourself is yourself.

You have to overcome the prison of self. You have to overcome the self centeredness and self absorption that holds you back and drags you down. This is why a lot of guys fail at sex free sites.

You see, getting sex, having sex, are all spiritual activities. Now, you probably have been trained from the cradle to think that sex is somehow dirty, demeaning, disgusting, but it isn’t. It’s actually liberating. It actually connects you with the infinite.

There are many names for the infinite. God is one of them. And unfortunately, the powers that be try to control people through their sexuality.

You see, no army in the world is as powerful as the mental chains people put on voluntarily. And these fucked up ideas about sex and how it degrades and diminishes our power to achieve our own reality is one of the greatest lies that you have to overcome.

So do yourself a big favor and dig deep within. I don’t care what you do. Maybe you try meditation, maybe you try mindfulness, maybe you read the Kama Sutra or certain books of the gospel. Whatever it is, there’s all sorts of philosophies out there that have the key. You just need to believe and turn that key so you can live a life of freedom.

Now, a life of freedom is not fucking everything with no consequence, okay? That’s a one way ticket to AIDS. Instead, a life of freedom means a life of love, respect and mutual comfort and accomplishment.

In other words, be part of the solution. And you’re not being part of the solution when you feel that you are ugly, that you’re not attractive, and women don’t want anything to do with you. So do yourself a big favor and overcome starting today.

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